VetsWhatsNext Gives US Servicemembers Life.After.Military

life after military

Veterans Life After Military. Bridging the disconnect between veterans and the benefits and resources available to them is vital. Walking with them through that transition as a means of reducing veteran homelessness and suicide is key to the innovative mobile app and nonprofit service started by Major Eric K. King, who understands personally what it can feel like to make that journey alone.

“After being medically retired from the military, due to injuries sustained from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), I noticed that there were not many programs or advocates in the space between transitioning military service and being introduced to all the benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs,” shared King, VetsWhatsNext founder.

VetsWhatsNext nonprofit corporation is an empowerment organization committed to building a bridge between the needs of servicemembers under the Department of Defense (DOD) and the opportunities and resources for veterans under the VA. “I personally could not sit and allow this to happen to another service member. VetsWhatsNext was born out of need and a sincere duty to continue serving my fellow teammates after my time was officially done,” said King.

The organization has created an innovative mobile app to assist active-duty servicemembers, veterans and their family members transition into civilian life after the military by offering access to resources, training and further education, if needed. They also have donor drives, host virtual and in-person walk/marathons and established a S2,000 Higher Education Scholarship Foundation that will award dependents of a disabled veteran with a permanent and total service-connected disability 10 percent or higher rating evaluation from the VA. (continue reading)

Source: U.S. VETERANS Magazine

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