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Dr. Omer Livvarcin
Dr. Omer Livvarcin


Dr. Omer Livvarcin is a retired Navy Captain, passionate academic researcher and nonprofit management consultant who brings demonstrated success in strategic management, operational performance, and leadership, highlighted through 25 years of experience in the academic, government, and nonprofit spheres. Omer is the Founder and the Lead Consultant of Vectors Group, a management consulting company specializing in serving the nonprofit sector. With his diverse team, he has developed several scientific yet practical methodologies and metrics to assist nonprofit organizations and charities from across the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa. As a professor, researcher, and developer of scientific tools, Omer has designed systems for organizations, including ViStA Strategic Management Framework, ViStA Risk Management Framework, impact measurement, operational performance, digitalization, governance, and decision-making optimization in nonprofit organizations. In 2018 Omer founded the Nonprofit Management Laboratory (NML) at the University of Ottawa. Through his research with the members of the NML, he developed a three-dimensional metric to measure the individual, target-group and community-level impact of philanthropic community services. As a consultant working with hundreds of nonprofit organizations in various capacities, Omer’s scientific easy-to-use solution-based methodologies have proven successful and contributed to change and growth within the nonprofit sector.