(VA Life) Insurance Program Coming January 2023 for Veterans


Life can easily become extremely hard for people living in the U.S. when they can’t afford the insurance money. And it might be even harder for veterans since current life insurance programs for veterans require a number of specified qualifications for a veteran to benefit from them. We are always trying to find new ways to make life easier and smoother for our veterans. Our veterans’ lives are about to change with the Veteran Affairs’ latest planned insurance program, which will come into effect in January 2023.

Veteran Affairs is planning to launch a new life insurance program called VALife in January 2023. The program is planned to be available for veterans under the age of 80 with 0-100% disability rates. The program is predicted to be very comprehensive, inclusive, and bring several advantages and even life-changing updates on veterans’ insurance policies.

The full description name of the program is Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance, which is available to all veterans under the age of 80. Additionally, veterans older than the age of 80 can also benefit from the program under certain conditions.

What Does The New VALife Insurance Program Offer?

The new VALife insurance program mainly aims to cover the needs of veterans who haven’t been qualified for a Veteran Affairs insurance program before. The program mainly focuses on meeting the first-degree needs of veterans under the age of 80. The program is very comprehensive, and it basically covers all health expenses except premiums.

After a veteran is qualified and accepted to the new VALife Insurance Program, they will be able to benefit from it for the rest of their life, even if they surpass the age of 80. The main qualification requirement is that the veteran is under the age of 80 during the acceptance process for the program.

Some of the important things to know about the new insurance program are:

Veterans will be able to apply online, and they will be enrolled instantly after their application.

The coverage will be available up to as high as $40,000.

Although not covered by the new insurance program, premiums will also be available with very competitive or even discounted prices when compared to private services.

There are no medical requirements for a veteran to be able to enroll in the new insurance program. All veterans under the age of 80 with 0-100% disability will be available to enroll.

The earlier veterans sign up for the new insurance program, the better. Once they are enrolled, premium prices will be locked based on the enrollment date.

If a veteran over the age of 80 has received a service-related disability, they will also be able to enroll in the new insurance program.

The full coverage of the program will be available two years after the enrollment date.

Will Anything Change About The Other Insurance Programs Once This Program is Released?

With the new VALife program’s release, applications for the Service-Disabled Veterans Life Insurance program will be closed. The last date for the Service-Disabled Veterans Life Insurance program is 31 Dec. 2022. After this date, service-disabled veterans will only be able to apply for the new VA Life program.

Service-disabled veterans might find it beneficial to apply for the SDV-I program if they haven’t yet since it will be in effect in the following years for veterans that enrolled before the date of 31 Dec. 2022. After enrolling in SDV-I, they will still be able to apply for the new VA Life program. The important thing to know here is that SDV-I does not require service-disabled veterans to be able to benefit from the program, unlike the new VALife program. For this reason, even if they are planning on applying for the new VALife program, they will be able to benefit from the SDV-I program while waiting for 2 years before full coverage.

How to Apply for The New VALife Insurance Program?

Although there isn’t a complete guide on how to apply for the new VA Life insurance program, we know that it will be open to applications online at

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