Some CA Veterans may be struggling with events in Afghanistan

Canadian veterans in Afghanistan

The current situation in Afghanistan is distressing for many veterans. There are resources to help you cope.

The current situation in Afghanistan is distressing for many Canadians, Veterans and their families but especially for those Veterans who served there. During this time, Veterans may be asking themselves difficult questions or revisiting experiences and relationships formed during their service or deployments. Their families may be struggling along with them.

In reaction to current events in the region, Veterans may:

  • Feel frustrated, sad, and helpless
  • Feel distressed and preoccupied
  • Feeling of anger or betrayal
  • Experience moral distress
  • Struggle with questions of the meaning of our time in Afghanistan
  • Experience an increase in symptoms of Operational Stress Injuries like PTSD or depression
  • Sleep poorly
  • Increase alcohol or drug use or participation in other addictive behaviors
  • Overconsume or try to avoid media
  • Isolate themselves
  • Have more disturbing memories and nightmares about military service
  • Worry about those left behind

All of these reactions are understandable in this distressing context. If you are a Veteran or a family member struggling in reaction to current events, please know that you are not alone. Talk to your friends and family members, connect with your Veteran network, peer support resources, or contact a mental health professional. (continue reading)

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