Marking of Norwegian Liberation and Veterans Day 8 May 2021


May 8, Liberation Day and Veterans Day, was marked in Eikerbygda. Due to the covid situation, the events were not announced.

At Nedre Eiker church, Ståle Berdal, Eiker Historielag and Ronny Steen, the Norwegian Veterans Association for International Operations, held simple appeals. Berdal read out the names of those from Nedre Eiker who lost their lives as a result of the war. Ståle Berdal also held an appeal at the war memorial at Mjøndalen station. Wreaths were also laid in both places.

At Haug church in Hokksund, there was a speech by mayor Knut Kvale, who also laid a wreath at the monument outside the church. Here Ronny Steen read out the names of the fallen from Øvre Eiker.

In both places there were fine musical elements by bagpipe player Robert Robertson.

Liberation Day and National Veterans Day are celebrated across the country on May 8 each year.

On this important anniversary, we remember those who have given their lives for our freedom and we show our support and recognition to all Norwegian women and men who have made and are making an effort to protect our peace and our democracy, at home and abroad.

May 8 has been marked as Norway’s Liberation Day in all years after 1945, but in recent years has also been given the status of National Veterans Day.

We find veterans in most municipalities in Norway, and it has become a tradition to use May 8 also as a day where we mark the significant efforts of those who have served in international operations for Norway. Today’s veterans are fighting for the values ​​on which our democratic society is founded, and for which Norwegian women and men fought during World War II.

Most municipalities have a tradition of conducting local markings and Kristiansund also has a long tradition of having them.

Last year, due to the pandemic situation, the municipal event was carried out in an alternative way with speeches and markings on municipal television and so it will unfortunately also be this year, with a small physical marking in Minnelunden with wreath laying on the actual day 8 May.

Several wreath laying will take place in silence and the rest of the celebration and program will take place on municipal television.

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