“Making Your Military Transition A Transformation”, a new free course for veterans

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Making Your Military Transition A Transformation: Coursera – one of the world’s leading online learning platforms – and The United Service Organizations (USO) recently announced a specially designed course to help veterans and active-duty, Reserve, and National Guard members navigate the challenges of  transitioning from military to civilian life.

Cory Boatwright, an Air Force veteran and military transition expert teaches the course “Making Your Military Transition a Transformation”. This free and eight-week course offers actionable steps for building meaningful careers. This professional development opportunity combines Coursera’s online learning resources and the USO’s 80 years of military support experience. Additionally, Boatwright’s experience and expertise ensure that participants can succeed for post-military life.

“Making Your Military Transition a Transformation” course will be part of the USO Pathfinder® Transition Program. This will supplement existing career services like the USO Mentorship and Professional Certificate programs that are already taught by Coursera. Through the USO Pathfinder Transition Program, Transition Specialists guide participants through the process. They also develop a personalized Action Plan, and help connect them to additional resources and networks.

“This online learning opportunity is a continuation of our commitment to stand by service members from the moment they enlist to the moment they are settled back into civilian life,” said Lisa Elswick, Vice President of Transition Programs at USO. “We are proud to partner with Coursera. In this way, the military community can set and reach their personal and professional career goals.”

A Well Designed Course

Topics covered during the two-month course include analyzing personal motivations, prioritizing career pursuits. Additionally it covers creating a career journey map, avoiding common transition pitfalls, and more. Participants will engage with a variety of videos, readings, discussions, quizzes. And USO Pro Tips – key points to accelerate transformation – are also included along the way. “The lessons I teach are designed to give military community members the tools they need to recognize personal or systemic challenges, develop clear career goals, and succeed in a rapidly changing world,” said Boatwright. “Hopefully, my personal experience as an Air Force veteran, corporate leader, and now entrepreneur, will make the course both relatable and inspiring.” (continue reading)

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