Love We Share Foundation – Preserving Korean War Veteran memories through music

Love We Share Foundation – Preserving Korean War Veteran memories through music

As June 2020 marked the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War, the Love We Share Foundation had plans to remember Korean war veterans across Canada through music with support from the Commemorative Partnership Program for all Canadian veterans. Small concerts were planned from Vancouver to Halifax, and various map dots in-between. COVID-19 put a damper on these plans – but that didn’t stop them from continuing to recognize the service and sacrifice of those who served during the Korean War.

The Love We Share Foundation, based in Edmonton, was founded in April 2014 with the goal of supporting local community needs through music. Sam Seo, the Producer and Artistic Director of the Foundation, wanted to create a project to recognize the Canadian veterans who served during the Korean War. “Remembering those Canadians who participated in the Korean War is very important for Korean-Canadian citizens,” he says.

A Dedicated Project

The original project was set to hit the road in June 2020. The project contains several events, initiatives and concerts scheduled across Canada. When the COVID-19 pandemic restricted public gatherings, Seo had to pivot and re-think his original plan.

The Love We Share Foundation was still determined to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Korean War. “We still wanted to highlight the talent of our musicians. And of course, commemorate the sacrifices of those who served during the Korean War,” says Seo.

Seo decided to create a virtual concert. Recordings were done with various musicians in South Korea, Edmonton, and Ottawa. He was able to secure an introductory greeting from the South Korean Ambassador to Canada, Chang Keung-Ryong. “We all know that music has healing power… and music can help us get through these difficult times,” Ambassador Keung-Ryong states at the beginning of the video message.

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