How Kirkcaldy became a new home for Polish war veterans

people posed in front of a building

The Polish Club in Kirkcaldy, Fife, has been a centre of social and cultural life for almost 70 years. It was founded by veterans who were unable to return home after fighting in World War Two.

The club still provides an extended family to the children and grandchildren of those soldiers – along with a new generation of Polish migrants.

The community is now trying to buy the building before it goes on the open market. Here, we look back at some of the stories of the club’s members.

Zygmunt Jaworski arrived in Scotland in 1945 after serving with the 1st Armoured Division during World War Two.

Because he had fought for the Allies against the German forces, he was unable to return home to his wife Anna and daughter in Poland.

He set up a new life in Kirkcaldy, marrying a Scottish woman, Betty, and working as a miner and then a bus driver for Alexander and Sons.

Zygmunt became one of the founding members of the Polish Club in 1953 and spent most of his time there, when not at work. (continue reading)

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