Canadian VA announces funding for research study

CA-VA-supporting -a-research-for-veteran-families

Canadian Minister of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Associate Minister of National Defense announced support for Dalhousie University’s Dallaire Institute for Children, Peace and Security from the Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund.

The Dallaire Institute has received $1,060,000 to conduct a five-year national research study, examining the mental health effects of exposure to child soldiers during military service. Military personnel, Veterans and their families who are dealing with the impact of those experiences will receive support according to findings of the research.

The Government of Canada’s Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund provides grants and contributions to private, public, or academic organizations to support research, initiatives and projects that enhance the well-being of Veterans and their families.   

About the Institute

  • The Dallaire Institute for Children, Peace and Security was founded in 2007 by LtGen Roméo Dallaire (Retd), and is recognized as the only organization in the world taking a prevention-oriented, security-sector-focused approach to the crime against humanity that is child soldiery.
  • The Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund supports research projects and innovative initiatives tailored to improving the well-being of Veterans and their families.
  • Since 2018, the Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund has provided more than $25 million to help more than 60 organizations improve the lives of Veterans and their families right across the country in areas like homelessness, mental health, the transition to civilian life, supporting women Veterans, and more.
  • Budget 2021 provides an additional $15 million over three years, starting this year, to expand and enhance the Fund for projects supporting Veterans during the post COVID-19 recovery, including addressing homelessness, employment, retraining, and health challenges, along with supporting women and LGBTQ2 Veterans.  A call out for this new funding will be taking place soon. (continue reading)


For further information: Media Relations: Veterans Affairs Canada, 613-992-7468,; Cameron McNeill, Press Secretary, Office of the Minister of Veterans Affairs,

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