Veterans in Leadership: How Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, & Carhartt Foster Veteran Leaders

VA  leadership training programs

Veterans bring an unparalleled wealth of experience and ability to the corporate world. Having honorably served their countries, they have learned and honed skills that give them a unique set of qualifications in the labor market. Among these are leadership, teamwork, discipline, and a unique problem-solving ability that is invaluable in the business sector. As such, Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, Carhartt, and a number of other top U.S. companies, have created specialized programs designed to streamline VA  leadership training programs and facilitate their transitions into civilian roles, especially leadership positions.

However, Home Depot is uniquely positioned to be one of a select few companies recognized for its long history of supporting U.S. veterans. This goes far and above hiring former military personnel. The Atlanta-based company has invested widely in comprehensive programs that can help veterans continue their career development beyond a paycheck from Home Depot. For example, the “Military Skills Translator” tool helps former soldiers to identify a suitable role with the company based on the skills that they’ve gained while in the military. But Home Depot doesn’t stop there. VA  leadership training programs at Home Depot help veterans translate the unique skills they’ve developed as military leaders (working in the field) into managerial or even executive roles as they move up the corporate ladder. In the process, Home Depot is strengthening its corporate structure with talented new leaders who come from a long tradition of outperforming their peers in the most challenging environments imaginable.

JPMorgan Chase is also impressed with its corporate veteran program, known for its depth and breadth. The company co-founded the Veteran Jobs Mission in 2011 — a coalition of employers focused on hiring veterans — staking their claim to a commitment to developing meaningful career opportunities for our military. Because of those broad-based commitments, JPMorgan Chase — long focused on veterans — has developed specific leadership tracks to develop veterans’ unique leadership skills. The firm operates extensive training programs and offers mentorship and valuable networking opportunities, enabling veterans to find their path and professional growth within the organization.

The programs and resources that are at the disposal of veterans at JPMorgan Chase are an indication of the seriousness with which they take the idea that veterans offer a very tangible ROI in terms of adding value to company operations. It’s also true that veterans at JPMorgan Chase are afforded the tools necessary to fully understand the financial sector’s complex world and bring to bear that leadership expertise in one of the most complex and challenging industries.

Carhartt, known for its tough work attire, has embraced the hook. Knowing how important it is for veterans to be able to transition seamlessly to the workforce, the company has figured out how to utilize the leadership qualities veterans gain during their service. Through Carhartt’s corporate VA  leadership training programs, the skills and experiences of veterans are recognized and promoted, ensuring some find themselves in positions to lead and excel. Through tailored training meant to build on their military experience, Carhartt is not only supporting veterans in leadership roles but also enhancing the performance and productivity of its teams. Ultimately, our veterans add a unique perspective and discipline that cannot be matched. The success of these programs underscores what happens when companies invest in veterans. By investing in our veterans, companies invest in proven leaders who can navigate complex terrain and inspire a team through everyday deeds. Further, they’re drawing on an unmatched global perspective. At the moment, mobilizing on everything from natural disasters to anti-terrorism, those who serve know perhaps better than anyone the importance of our actions overseas. After serving on missions across the globe, often in high-stakes, high-stress conditions, what they bring back with them could be instrumental. Leveraging their global insights and battle-tested decision-making process could give a company a clear competitive edge.

The business case for Corporate America’s investment in our veterans grows stronger by the day. Veterans are proving to be some of the most successful employees to integrate into the civilian workforce, and as their success continues to mount, so does the evidence in favor of their unmistakable value and return on investment in any organization. Home Depot’s mortgage-free home giveaway remains just one prominent example, among countless others, of the positive press and increasing customer loyalty businesses gain as a result of these programs. When veterans serve in leadership capacities, they bring transformational leadership, inspire innovation in their colleagues, and serve as forces for change in creating cultures of productivity, accountability, and excellence. Companies like Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, and Carhartt are to be commended for doing the right thing − supporting those who have worn our nation’s uniform – but for making smart business decisions that not just improve overall operations but optimize their bottom line as a result.

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