Veteran welfare: this method strengthens your immunity

Veterans Welfare Service

The Veterans Cell was initiated in April 2013 as a solitary enclosure for the identification of veterans’ matters and aspirations at the Army HQ level.  Veterans organizations not only interact with the string directorates and welfare associations but also interact with additional directorates, administrations, skilled agencies, and placement assistance all over the nation. Veterans news articles have said that it now works quickly under the Adjutant General, thereby according to the required importance to the management of Veteran affairs news articles in the Indian Army.

Pattern and Salient features: DIAV

The Directorate of Indian Army Veterans (DIAV) shall encompass four operating sections. These are as follows:

Strategy and Outreach Section: This area is the initial domain regulated by a director-level official person. The area will be the initial port of need for all military veterans and wards. The section is mainly governed by three functional desks. These are:

  • The Monitoring Desk;
  • The Veterans Outreach Desk

Pensions & Entitlement Section: This section shall be the safeguard of the directorate and will be liable for all procedures about pensions and entitlements, encompassing sanction, disbursal, and relevant legal redress and modification.  The part also regulates the information and data of veterans service organizations on a shared source to offer exact information on staff records to the former association.

• Benefits & Welfare Section: This section shall be accountable for complaint management associated with all services admissible to a veteran post-retirement, encompassing medical, instruction, residence, re-employment insurance-related issues, etc. The section will conserve connection and liaise with all strategy and delivery-related matters that are of interest to the veteran fraternity. This segment will also be fully responsible for the knowledge and management of the military Veterans E-lobby demonstrated in the DIAV.

Skilling and Transition Section: This section is spearheading the Skilling endeavor attempted by the Indian Army in collaboration with the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship through National Skill Development (NSDC) to promote acceptable career alternatives for future retirees. DIAV has experience in skilling about 20,000 future retirees in 2017. Together NSDC aligned courses are also being made accessible to the army spouses & wards at the numerous Army Skill Training Centres (ASICs) coming up at numerous Cantts and mil stns with the chance to either get a job or begin home entrepreneurship. National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) certificates are awarded to all successful candidates sustaining skill courses at Regt Centres and ASICs that have glory across the nation.

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