Veteran welfare: 5 tips to get you through this winter without getting sick

Veteran Welfare

Winter is one season where people suffer from various illnesses like pneumonia, cough, cold, and many more. Though the zombie apocalypse doesn’t occur every year, veterans welfare team must be ready no matter what. And so it is better to take preventive methods now than trying to cure the sickness once you catch it. Not just for ordinary people, but Veterans are indeed the significant percentage of people prone to winter sickness because of their troubled mental health. Thanksgiving is indeed a fall-winter holiday, and you don’t want to be sick at the time of celebrations. Veterans thanksgiving or military thanksgiving is one of the biggest festivals celebrated every year in November.

 Here are a few tips from organizations that help veterans that help them fight the diseases.

Eat healthily

1. Eat Healthily

Eating healthy is not just a winter good health tip but will help you in every season. But here, as we are talking specifically about Winter sickness, research suggests that eating healthy is the best prevention method. You have to consume a lot of protein and fiber-based foods. It’s better if you cut down the junk and sugars. Possible cutting down dairy foods will also help you in improving your resistance capacity.

veterans exercise

2. Exercise

It is one of the fundamental tips that you must follow mainly in the Winter season. When the weather around you is cold, you freeze up, and if the temperature is brutal, your body also starters to deteriorate, so it is always better to sweat out at the time of cold. It not only improves your metabolism, but regular exercise cuts down the risk of catching flue.

warm clothes

3. Have sufficient warm clothes

It is essential to keep yourself warm in the freezing environment and carry a thermal jacket with you wherever you go. It’s better to wear a sweater or knitted dresses that cover your entire body, thus shielding it from the brutal weather. There are a lot of sales that happen both online and offline. The veteran sales are specifically available for military-style winter clothing that is for your comfort and taste.


4. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the most crucial aspect if you want to protect yourself from winter. You must get sunlight regularly. By doing so in warm months, you don’t have to worry about Vitamin D deficiency in the colder seasons. You can take vitamin D supplements, but you better consult your doctor before going ahead with the process.

Stop Alcohol

5. Refuse the Booze

Alcohol is your biggest enemy in the chilling winter season. Usually, people take alcohol to guard themselves against the cold, but the sudden warmth the drink gives is not a risk worth taking because research says that people who consume alcohol are more prone to the winter flu and others.

Eat healthily

Therefore, by following the above simple steps for veterans welfare, you can easily make sure that you don’t catch any winter illness and honestly enjoy the non-heat months of the year to the fullest.








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