Veteran Organizations

Veteran Organizations

Veterans are men and women who have served devotedly for their countries. They not only deserve recognition and but also respect and support to build their post-service veteran lives. Veteran organizations are the ones that make that transition easier.

They can be in many forms. For example, veteran nonprofit organizations, government organizations that serve veterans and veteran families, veteran lead businesses or companies hiring veterans are all considered as veteran organizations.

There are nearly 50 thousand veteran nonprofit organizations (and veteran charities) and over 250 thousand businesses founded or operated by veterans only in the United States. The number of veteran organizations all around the world is over 2 million. They serve 100 million veterans and their families. plays a vital role as a hub to assist veteran organizations in forming a strong and effective network. Every single veteran organization offers valuable services and support; however, together, they can achieve more.

Bringing veterans organizations together is precisely what we are trying to accomplish at

“With solidarity, we prevail.”   

Veterans and their organizations should work together to build a better future not only for the veterans and their families but also for the communities and even the whole of humanity. They can play a crucial role in human rights, democracy, and sustainable development of communities, cities, countries, and the world.  

Many veterans wonder which is the best veteran organization to join. It will depend on your location, personal interests, and time. They are all great, and they all try to add value and make an impact. You can explore many government, private sector, or nonprofit sector organizations on our website or the internet.

Veteran lead businesses and nonprofits are a significant part of our socio-economic world. However, they may not be as visible as they deserve. Please pay attention and recognize their impact. If you have time, join their volunteer team. If you have financial resources, make donations and support what they are trying to do for us.

You can also consider a second career in veteran lead business or nonprofit. It will be a good fit with the skills that you have gained during your military or community service. Be part of a veteran organization and start making a difference.  

  • The number of Veteran organizations you mentioned is perhaps very low, when we consider the size of the need in this field. Given to the health, economic, social and psychological needs of a large number of Veterans, I believe that there should be many more organizations such as World Veterans that serve with dedication.

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