Soldiers on motorcycles visit the graves of 120 Poles who died and died during international missions

motocyclists in two columns veteran

In Poland, as the Veterans Day of 29 May approach the column of 23 motorcyclists – soldiers started the Veterans Motorcycle Rally to honor their colleagues who fell on missions

The group went to the cemetery in Szczecin-Dąbie, where they prayed over the grave of Corporal Szymon Graczyk who died during his mission in Afghanistan – a soldier of the 5th engineering regiment and a platoon. Jacek Dzierba – participant in missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. At the Central Cemetery in Szczecin, they visited the grave of Adam Jazukiewicz, who died in 1994 during a mission in the Balkans.

The participants of the rally are soldiers – motorcyclists, including veterans of missions abroad. Fr. Marian Augustyn, parish priest in Szczecin-Dąbie, at the same time a motorcyclist, current Polish runner-up in the Baja Poland motocross rallies. (continue reading)

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