Amazon vows to hire 100,000 veterans and spouses by 2024


Amazon recently pledged to hire 100,000 US veterans and veterans’ spouses by the year 2024. This is big news for veterans and veterans’ spouses.

Over 40,000 veterans and military spouses are currently employed by Amazon, from operations to Alexa to sustainability to Amazon Web Services (AWS), company officials say.

“Amazon is focusing on recruiting and developing military talent with training programs. Above all these programs specifically designed to help veterans transition into roles in the private sector,” said John Quintas, Amazon’s director of Global Military Affairs.

Vice president at the US Chamber of Commerce, Eric Eversole, spoke highly on behalf of the company’s goal, according to a statement from Amazon.

“Amazon recognizes the diverse backgrounds and experiences veterans and military spouses bring and how they strengthen the workforce, through their commitment to provide upskilling and employment opportunities in high demand careers, Amazon, therefore, is equalizing opportunity for veterans and military spouses,” said Eversole.

The company will continue to offer opportunities to help transitioning veterans and their spouses to find a career within their preferred interest. “This includes access to company-funder skills training in high-demand areas, such as cloud computing, through initiatives like the Amazon Technical Apprenticeship Program and AWS re/Start,” a statement from amazon said.

Free exclusive opportunities will be available for military members to gain new technical skills to move into higher paying jobs. Programs include, for instance, Career Choice and Amazon Technical Academy.

Amazon’s goal is to hire 16,000 military spouses.

Military Spouse programs are available for military spouses to apply for jobs that best fit their skills. Amazon is also offering classes, and a mentorship program.

“Amazon truly, truly, values what military spouses bring to the work force.” Beth Conlin, program manager of Military Spouse Programs at Amazon told Military Times. (continue reading)

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