5 Mobile Applications That Support for Veterans to Make Life Easier

Support for Veterans - Mobile Applications

It might be challenging to find services and assistance for veterans, particularly mobile applications, those that support for veterans. It is well acknowledged that life following military duty may be challenging. Innovative people and firms, on the other hand, are trying to develop programs that serve veterans and make their life easier and more pleasant. Here are five smartphone applications that might help veterans.

Support for Veterans - Rx Refill

Rx Refill

Veterans may now seek medicine replenishment straight from their cellphones thanks to new software created by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). According to VA, all medications ordered will be sent via the VA mail order pharmacy. In addition to Rx Refill, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers outstanding assistance for veterans via several mobile applications aimed at increasing the quality of veterans’ treatment. Click to download.

Support for Veterans

Recruit a hero

The Hiring Our Heroes app allows veterans and their spouses to access all material on the US Cabinet’s Hiring Our Heroes website, as well as all partner websites. This app support for veterans with current information on branding, job seeking, mentoring, and screening, as well as job fair suggestions and advice.


Rallypoint is a social networking platform for veterans and active-duty service members. It has several LinkedIn-like features. It also integrates contacts from several emails and social media platforms, allowing you to connect with individuals by rank, industry, or MOS. There are also good job-search options for both military and civilian occupations, which are valuable for both ETS troops and soldiers searching for a better opportunity in PCS.  


About 15% of veterinarians are alcoholics or drug addicts. You may not hear much but consider your current team. At least one individual in the lineup has an issue, according to statistics. VA created VetChange, an alcohol dependency control, and recovery assistance software. When you initially open the app, you’ll be presented with a series of easy questions to assist you in making a plan to decrease or quit drinking and keeping track of your progress in your journal.

There are also several shortcut keys to assist you to cope with the thirst and emotions that might cause you to drink. On iOS, this app is free, however, it is not accessible on Android. This is one of the greatest applications for  

POS veterans

This app’s objective is to link veterans with other military people in the region and is restricted to location reporting. This program, according to the POS REP webpage, is meant to fight the sense of alienation that many veterans face when they return to civilian life.

Former and current military people may use the app to communicate with, meet, or just stay in contact with others who may be dealing with similar challenges after reintegration.

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