10 Great Companies That Want to Hire Veterans

Companies That Want to Hire Veterans

Companies that want to hire veterans: Today’s military personnel are the sole reason for a safe nation. But the same team is facing issues in finding a job once they retire from their military service. Even with their immense qualifications and ranking, once an army officer retires, the process of updating their resume, job hunting, and finally getting a job is complicated even without the added pressure of settling down in a good company. But veteran service organizations doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Few companies target qualified veterans for their companies. The company should have the below features,

  • They should have an onboarding team specifically for veteran employees.
  • Today most companies accept only civilian study qualifications, but they should also consider military training to hire veterans.
  • They should give paid days off if the veteran is necessary for emergency work.
  • Skill translators and veteran welfare systems are also available.

Companies that hire veteran

The top companies made the veteran news, showed support for veterans, and hired them for multiple roles in their agencies. Here is companies that hire want to veterans:

  • ManTech International Corporation

ManTech is one of the top organizations, and it will hire around 80% of the veterans in 2020. They focus on various technologies such as Cyber security, data collection, and I.T. specifically for government clients. The organization has taken the first position in hiring a more significant number of veterans from the last three years. They provide I.T. training and also offer military certification transferability programs.

  • Intelligent Waves

Surprisingly enough, a veteran team started Intelligent waves, and they provide I.T. services to private and public organizations. They have a mentorship program that helps veterans train themselves in the field that they want.

  • Chevron

Unlike the majority of the veteran major companies, Chevron is an oil and energy firm that produces lubricants, crude oil, and many more. They have family leave programs specifically for military families and paid time off in case of military emergencies.

Companies that hire veteran

  • American systems

This firm is a combination of I.T. and consultancy services. It is one of the largest U.S. companies and is a government project focused firm. They work primarily on national applications that require top-notch skill and security.

  • Enterprise Holdings

With the best employee resource groups, it’s the most prominent company that hired the majority of the veterans for their role. A veteran (Jack Taylor, WW2) started it in 1957, and the company, even to date, flourishes with integrity and teamwork.

  • City National Bank

The primary domain of the firm is finance. They provide the best and simple financial solutions for their clients, and they also assist military service professionals from time to time. The clients are enterprises, profit and nonprofit organizations, private and government organizations, private customers, and many more.

  • Northrop Grumman

One of their main focus is in the cyber security domain and Northrop Grumman is  one of the main company in this field. They provide in-class training to all the veterans if required and then hire them based on their performance.

  • S. Customs and Border Protection

It is a homeland security-specific firm that works in the management, control, and protection of the United states of America borders.


It’s a banking service that assists its clients in investments, retirement plans, and many more. They are veterans on a bigger scale every year.

They focus on national security projects and are aerospace-based companies. Though Air Force veterans are given priority because of their qualifications, they also hire veterans from other domains.

The above corporations are the top veteran service organizations. They value the people and respect Veteran affairs.

Veteran Hiring

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